We continue to support Israel. Due to the war, shipments may be delayed. Your support is vital.

Dear supporters,

Israel is facing a murderous war of terror, marking its gravest challenge in the past 70 years.

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip have invaded Israel, killing hundreds, injuring thousands, and kidnapping people, including women and children. We are in mourning but united.

Members of Lev Haolam and our partners were drafted into service. In their absence, we're redoubling our efforts to support those who remain on the home front. We continue to work, collect and ship boxes.

Your support and solidarity, as we navigate this tragedy, means the world to us.

Due to a temporary halt in air traffic, you may experience delays, but rest assured your parcel will arrive!

In times like these, it's evident that we're more than just a community; we're family. As part of the family, our combined strength will pull us through.

Thank you for your support. We'll keep you posted on what's happening here.

Stay strong. Stay connected. Stay with Israel!

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關於 Lev Haolam

Lev Haolam 旨在幫助以色列的國際支持者與猶地亞和撒馬利亞地區的猶太人先驅者之間建立聯繫

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Lev Haolam 是一個支持猶地亞和撒馬利亞地區當地的猶太人企業主的組織,這些企業主因反以色列的抵制、撤資和製裁 (BDS) 運動而遭受苦難。

通過我們的月度驚喜包裹項目,Lev Haolam可為這些猶太先驅者及其家人們提供更多支持的機會。我們的會員將可以每個月都收到這樣的包裹,而包裹裡面裝滿的是由猶地亞和撒馬利亞地區的家庭和小企業所生產的商品。


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Lev Haolam 辦公室位於 Kfar Etzion,這是猶地亞地區最早的現代猶太人定居點之一。我們的辦公室是與幾家以色列企業共享工作環境的一部分。

Lev Haolam 倉庫是我們所有包裝和運輸的集中地。

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Luleem Business Center, Kfar Etzion, Judea, Israel
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我們對以色列土地及其人民的熱愛將 Lev Haolam 團隊中的每個人團結在一起的。我們都珍視有機會從事我們熱愛的工作,為以色列的發展貢獻自己的力量,特別是在猶地亞和撒馬利亞的聖經地區。

Luleem Business Center, Kfar Etzion, Judea, Israel